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TitleGSE38676: Expression Analysis of Normal and Cancerous Prostate Cells
AbstractSummary: Strand-specific RNA sequencing was done on a normal and a cancer cell line to examine how isoforms are used differently between these two states. Overall Design: One PrEC sample, a normal cell line. One LNCaP sample, a cancer cell line.
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OrganismsHomo sapiens
TypeTranscriptome Analysis
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SubmitterGene Expression Omnibus
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Project Contact Name = Aaron, Statham; Email =; Laboratory = Epigenetics Research Laboratory; Department = Cancer Department; Institute = Garvan Institute of Medical Research; Address = 384 Victoria St; City = Darlinghurst; Zip/Postal Code = 2010; Country = Australia; Phone = +61-2-92958393; Fax = +61-2-92958316; Web Link =
Project Contributor A, Statham