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TitleUterine Cervical Neoplasms tumor DNA sample from Cervix of a human female participant in the dbGaP study "Genomic Sequencing of Cervical Cancers"
Anonymized nameno content
Scientific nameHomo sapiens
Common nameno content
Descriptionno content
Referencesno content
OrganismHomo sapiens
Cell typeSRS407244
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LinksUnknown DB(biosample)
analyte type DNA
biospecimen repository NCI_CervicalCancer
biospecimen repository sample id SGCX-NOR-066_T
gap_accession phs000600
gap_consent_code 1
gap_consent_short_name DS-CA-MDS
gap_sample_id 927042
gap_subject_id 716974
histological type Squamous cell carcinoma
is tumor Yes
sex female
study disease Uterine Cervical Neoplasms
study name Genomic Sequencing of Cervical Cancers
subject is affected Yes
submitted sample id SGCX-NOR-066_T
submitted subject id SGCX-NOR-066
submitter handle NCI_CervicalCancer
tissue Cervix