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TitleMIMS Environmental/Metagenome sample from epibacteria
Anonymized nameno content
Scientific nameuncultured bacterium
Common nameno content
DescriptionKeywords: GSC:MIxS;MIMS:3.0
Referencesno content
Organismuncultured bacterium
Cell typeSRS375216
SubmitterGeomar, Kiel
Related objects
LinksUnknown DB(biosample), Unknown DB(bioproject)
biome marine
collection date 01-Mar-2011
environmental package MIGS/MIMS/
feature marine
geographic location Baltic Sea: Kiel Bight
geographic location (latitude and longitude) 54.45, 10.35
host brown alga Fucus vesiculosus
investigation type metagenome
material algal tissue
project name Analysis of epibacterial community on brown macroalgae