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TitleTumor DNA sample from Primary Solid Tumor of a human female participant in the dbGaP study "TARGET: Kidney, Wilms Tumor (WT)"
Anonymized nameno content
Scientific nameHomo sapiens
Common nameno content
Descriptionno content
Referencesno content
OrganismHomo sapiens
Cell typeSRS375198
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LinksUnknown DB(biosample)
analyte type DNA
biospecimen repository NCI_TARGET
biospecimen repository sample id TARGET-50-CAAAAS-01A-01D
body site Primary Solid Tumor
gap_accession phs000471
gap_consent_code 1
gap_consent_short_name PCR
gap_sample_id 851716
gap_subject_id 671345
histological type Kidney Tumors
is tumor Yes
sex female
study name TARGET: Kidney, Wilms Tumor (WT)
submitted sample id TARGET-50-CAAAAS-01A-01D
submitted subject id TARGET-50-CAAAAS
submitter handle NCI_TARGET