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Scientific nameGossypium hirsutum
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DescriptionDespite the 3635 Taxon ID, this sequence capture sample contains some reads from diploids related to G. histutum. See the Sample Names below. Whole genome DNA samples were extracted using a modified CTAB protocol. Twelve samples were tagged with multiplex identifiers (MIDs), each with a different MID. They were idependently hybridized to a custom Nimblegen Sequence Capture Array (12-plex). After washing, the samples were all eluted into a single tube and subjected to ligation-mediated PCR (i.e. PCR using the 454 sequence adapters) to amplify the captured fragments to a high enough concentration for sequencing. Subsequently, the libraries were prepared for 454 sequencing (size selection on a Capliper XL, emPCR, and bead preparation etc.). The twelve captured samples tagged with multiplex identifiers (MIDs) were run on a single plate (2 large regions) of 454. The samples were prepared using 'traditional' WGS libraries from Roche. Below is a list of the samples and MIDs included in this run. Sample Name MID MID Forward Sequence (in that order). Sample Name MID MID Forward Sequence A1 Wagad RL1 ACACGACGACT; TX_1046 RL2 ACACGTAGTAT; TX_1236 RL3 ACACTACTCGT; TX_1996 RL4 ACGACACGTAT; G. Kirkii RL5 ACGAGTAGACT; TX_1988 RL6 ACGCGTCTAGT; B1, anomalum RL7 ACGTACACACT; C1-N-5 RL8 ACGTACTGTGT; D8 RL9 ACGTAGATCGT; D2-2 RL10 ACTACGTCTCT; A1-73 RL11 ACTATACGAGT; Thespia populnea RL12 ACTCGCGTCGT;
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OrganismGossypium hirsutum
Cell typeSRS282762
SubmitterBrigham Young University DNA Sequencing Center -Udall Lab
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