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TitleFreshwater microbial community sample DNA2004.144
Anonymized nameno content
Scientific namefreshwater metagenome
Common nameno content
DescriptionArctic LTER site 100, Toolik Lake Main, lake water, prefiltered with 1um filter
Referencesno content
Organismfreshwater metagenome
Cell typeSRS212892
SubmitterUniversity of Maryland Center for Environmental Sc
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LinksUnknown DB(biosample)
collection_date 7/15/2004
country USA
depth(m) 5
elevation(m) 719
env_biome Small Lake Biome
env_feature Freshwater Habitat
env_matter Fresh Water
latitude 68.629961
longitude -149.612633
site Toolik_Lake
treatment prefiltered at 1 micron