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TitleRNA extracted from ovaries, flowerbuds, calli, inflorescences and seedlings of Petunia integrifolia subsp. inflata
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Scientific namePetunia integrifolia subsp. inflata
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DescriptionTotal RNA was isolated and subsequently pooled from ovaries (17 days after pollination, 0.5x), flowerbuds (1x), calli (1x), inflorescences (1x) and seedlings (0.5x) of Petunia axillaris (the pooling ratios are given between brackets). Total RNA from the different plant tissues was isolated using Trizol reagent (Life Technologies, Cleveland, OH) according to the instructions of the manufacturer. An additional precipitation with Ethanol and sodium Acetate was performed to improve the 260/230 ratio. For the Petunia integrifolia subsp. inflata cDNA libraries preparation, we supplied Eurofins MWG Operon (Edersberg, Germany) with two high quality total RNA pool samples of 15 *g each, from which they prepared 3’-fragment cDNA libraries. These libraries consist of non restricted fragments from the 3’-end of each mRNA. The cDNA libraries preparation is in short described by Bellini et al., (2009). The resulting non-cloned libraries were normalised and subsequently sequenced on a half plate each, by GS FLX technology using Titanium series chemistry.
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OrganismPetunia integrifolia subsp. inflata
Cell typeSRS150390
SubmitterUniversity of Naples Federico II
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