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TitleMonterey Bay bacterioplankton; Station M0, 10m depth, June 2009
Anonymized nameno content
Scientific namemarine metagenome
Common nameno content
DescriptionBacterioplankton collected via CTD rosette or by the Environmental Sample Processor near MBARI Station M0 (36.83 *N, 121.90 *W) in June 2009 at 10m depth. All samples collected on 0.22 um filter with a 5 um prefilter. Samples for community transcriptome sequencing were collected during an ESP deployment at station M0 from May 14 to June 11, 2009. DNA for metagenomic sequencing was extracted from 10L seawater collected by CTD rosette from a ship in close proximity to the ESP on June 2, 2009 at 0830 local time.
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Organismmarine metagenome
Cell typeSRS010641
SubmitterMassachusetts Institute of Technology
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