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TitleMIGS Cultured Bacterial/Archaeal sample from Campylobacter rectus RM3267
Anonymized nameno content
Scientific nameCampylobacter rectus RM3267
Common nameno content
DescriptionCampylobacter rectus is a gram-negative, microaerophilic, rod-shaped bacterium found in the gingival crevice. The bacterium is motile and has a flagellum and surface layer (S-layer). It has been associated with periodontitis and the S-layer is a candidate as a cause of the bacterium's virulence.
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OrganismCampylobacter rectus RM3267
Cell typeSRS001044
SubmitterJ. Craig Venter Institute
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LinksHuman Microbiome Project at J. Craig Venter Institute, Unknown DB(biosample), Unknown DB(bioproject)
assembly Newbler v.
biome terrestrial biome [ENVO:00000446]
collection date not determined
environmental package missing
estimated_size 2513000
feature human-associated habitat [ENVO:00009003]
finishing strategy (depth of coverage) Level 2: High-Quality Draft26x;89
geo_loc_name not determined
host taxid 9606
investigation type missing
isol_growth_condt not determined
lat_lon not determined
material biological product [ENVO:02000043]
misc_param: HMP body site Gingival crevices
misc_param: HMP supersite oral
nucleic acid extraction not determined
num_replicons not determined
project_name Campylobacter rectus RM3267, CCUG 20446
project_type Reference Genome
ref_biomaterial not determined
sequencing method not determined
source_mat_id CCUG 20446, ATCC 33238
specific host Homo sapiens
strain RM3267