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TitleGeneric sample from Sarcophaga crassipalpis
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Scientific nameSarcophaga crassipalpis
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DescriptionFlesh flies in the genus Sarcophaga are important models for investigating endocrinology, diapause, cold hardiness, reproduction, and immunity. Despite the prominence of Sarcophaga flesh flies as models for insect physiology and biochemistry, and in forensic studies, little genomic or transcriptomic data are available for members of this genus. We used massively parallel pyrosequencing on the Roche 454-FLX platform to produce a substantial EST dataset for the flesh fly Sarcophaga crassipalpis. To maximize sequence diversity, we pooled RNA extracted from whole bodies of all life stages and normalized the cDNA pool after reverse transcription.
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OrganismSarcophaga crassipalpis
Cell typeSRS001018
SubmitterUniversity of Florida
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