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Scientific nameZea mays
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Descriptiongrowth protocol: For collecting SL, seeds of Zheng 58 were surface-sterilized with 3 sodium hypochlorite for 10 min and rinsed in distilled water. Sterilized seeds were pre-germinated on moistened pledget in a plant growth chamber at 25C under 16/8 h light/dark cycle for about six days. Then we collected the whole seedling tissue as SL for RNA-seq analysis. For collecting the reproductive tissues including IMS, MS, MP, and MO, 20MAP and 3HAP plants were grown in silt loam soil at the Shandong Agricultural University experimental station in Tai an China (35 58N, 116 38E, 150m above sea level). Before tassels shedding pollens and silk growing from husk, we bagged the tassel and husk of experimental plants to prevent the pollination from pathogen and other plants. In the second to fifth days after anther dehiscence, mature pollen grains (MP) were collected in 1.5 mL Eppendorf tubes during 8:00-10:00am. After silks had grown from the husk for approximately three days, the upper parts (about 4 cm) of the silks were harvested as the mature silk tissues. After removing glumes around and silk on the top, whole mature ovaries distributed in a third part area in the middle of an ear were collected. The ear with the length of the longest silk length less than 1 cm was regarded as immature ear. Silks distributed in the center of the ear were collected as IMS materials. For collecting pollinated silks, each cob with mature silks was pollinated with about 0.3 g fresh mature pollen grains evenly, after shaking softly pollen grains which hadn't adhered to MS, the upper parts of silks (about 4 cm) at 20min and 3H after pollination were collected as the 20MAP and 3HAP materials. nucleic acid extraction protocol: Total RNA of each sample was extracted by using the hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) protocol (Gambino et al., 2008)
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OrganismZea mays
Cell typeERS164136
SubmitterShandong Agricultural University
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DevelopmentalStage immature silk
Organism Zea mays
OrganismPart silk
StrainOrLine inbred line Zheng 58