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CenterUniversity of Stuttgart
InstrumentIllumina HiSeq 2000
Instrument nameno content
Experiment aliasE-MTAB-2143:6_HepG2_Input_i1112_filtered.fastq.gz
Referencesno content
OrganismHomo sapiens
SubmitterUniversity of Stuttgart
Library nameHepG2 input
Library strategyOTHER
Library sourceGENOMIC
Library selectionother
Library layoutSINGLE
Library construction protocolHepG2 cells were grown following ENCODE guidelines Chromatin IP kit (Active Motif) 15-60 micrograms of mononucleosomes were incubated overnight with HMIDs and were washed 1x High Salt Buffer, 1x Low Salt Buffer, 1x LiCl Buffer and 2x TE buffer, eluted in 1% SDS and DNA was extracted with Chromatin IP kit (Active Motif)
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