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TitleTranscriptome sequencing from the interface of heartwood and sapwood from Indian Sandalwood Santalum album
AliasS.album transcriptome sequencing project
Design descriptionTranscriptome library for sequencing was constructed according to the Illumina TruSeq RNA library protocol outlined in “TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation Guide” (Part # 15008136; Rev. A; Nov 2010). Briefly, mRNA was purified from 1 microgram of intact total RNA using oligodT beads (TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation Kit, Illumina). The purified mRNA was fragmented for 2 minutes at elevated temperature (94oC) in the presence of divalent cations and reverse transcribed with Superscript II Reverse transcriptase by priming with Random Hexamers. Second strand cDNA was synthesized in the presence of DNA Polymerase I and RnaseH. The cDNA was cleaned up using Agencourt Ampure XP SPRI beads (Beckman Coulter). Illumina Adapters were ligated to the cDNA molecules after end repair and addition of A base. SPRI cleanup was performed after ligation. The library was amplified using 8 cycles of PCR for enrichment of adapter ligated fragments. The prepared library was quantified using Nanodrop and validated for quality by running an aliquot on High Sensitivity Bioanalyzer Chip (Agilent)
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OrganismsSantalum album
SubmitterNational Chemical Laboratory
InstrumentIllumina Genome Analyzer II
Library nameno content
Library strategyRNA-Seq
Library selectionPCR
Library layoutPAIRED
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