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TitleZea mays W22 x Parviglumis BC2S3 Doebley RIL immature tassel RNA-Seq (Schnable Lab Ac4540; Row #: 11-2655~3535)
Design descriptionAll RNA extractions were conducted using the Qiagen RNeasy kit cat# 74904 (50), according to Qiagen's protocol. Total RNA was eluted twice with 30 ul RNase-free water. The indexed RNA-Seq libraries were prepared using the Illumina protocol outlined in "TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation Guide" (Part# 15008136 Rev. A November 2010). The indexed libraries from one inbred/line were combined and seeded onto one lane of the flowcell. The libraries were sequenced using 110 cycles of chemistry and imaging, resulting in paired-end (PE) sequencing reads with length of 2 x 101 bp.
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OrganismsZea mays
SubmitterIowa State University
InstrumentIllumina HiSeq 2000
Library name11-2655~3535-tassel
Library strategyRNA-Seq
Library selectionPCR
Library layoutPAIRED
Library construction protocolno content
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