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TitleWhole Genome Sequencing of E. coli isolate C227-11 (Long subread)
AliasO104:H4 EAEC outbreak isolate sequencing (Long subread)
Design descriptionWe isolated DNA using a Qiagen DNEasy Blood and Tissue Kit per manufacturer instructions. The isolate was grown overnight in standard LB broth and the extraction was performed according to the kit instructions using 1 ml overnight culture per reaction and treating with proteinase K for 2 hours. The DNA was eluated in 100 ul AE buffer.
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OrganismsEscherichia coli O104:H4 str. C227-11
SubmitterPacific Biosciences
InstrumentPacBio RS
Library nameC227-11 9kb SMRTbell
Library strategyWGS
Library sourceGENOMIC
Library selectionRANDOM
Library layoutSINGLE
Library construction protocolno content
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