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TitleR. microplus genomic Cot 696 DNA
AliasRmi 454 Cot 696 DNA
Design descriptionThe Cot filtration was performed as previously described with some modifications (Peterson et al., 2002a), to enrich for single/low-copy and moderately repetitive DNAs. Starting DNA concentrations was 200 micrograms of sheared genomic DNA. Time for renaturation was 1 hr, 48 min, 6 sec for sample Cot 696.
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OrganismsRhipicephalus microplus
SubmitterCentre for Comparative Genomics
Instrument454 GS FLX
Library nameB. microplus cattle tick library BM Number 1
Library strategyOTHER
Library sourceGENOMIC
Library selectionReduced Representation
Library layoutSINGLE
Library construction protocolno content
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