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Accession Center Experiment Experiment alias Organism Study Submission(s) Related Reference(s)
SRR024022 Washington University, Genome Sequencing Center SRX008161 44819 Biomphalaria glabrata SRP000761 SRA009469
SRR1041490 Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition SRX385849 CFSAN005390_01 Listeria monocytogenes SRP028928 SRA115057
SRR1016883 Yale University SRX367975 Mus musculus SRP031980 SRA108334
SRR1042593 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386755 GSM1278641 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR1042594 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386756 GSM1278642 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR1042595 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386757 GSM1278643 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR1042596 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386758 GSM1278644 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR1042597 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386759 GSM1278645 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR1042598 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386760 GSM1278646 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR1042599 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386761 GSM1278647 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR1042600 Gene Expression Omnibus SRX386762 GSM1278648 Homo sapiens SRP033492 SRA115254
SRR009851 Baylor College of Medicine SRX001980 AWG_TG-P1.NA11992_002pA Homo sapiens SRP000031 SRA006753
SRR043813 Washington University, Genome Sequencing Center SRX020554 50531 human metagenome SRP002395 SRA013153
SRR044388 Washington University, Genome Sequencing Center SRX020522 50540 human metagenome SRP002395 SRA013781
SRR1114811 Washington University, Genome Sequencing Center SRX430905 303272 Homo sapiens SRP035594 SRA126531
SRR100638 Broad Institute SRX042398 Prochlorococcus phage P-SSP6 SRP005782 SRA030005
SRR167643 Broad Institute SRX014378 Prochlorococcus phage P-SSP6 SRP005782 SRA030005
SRR167644 Broad Institute SRX014904 unidentified, Prochlorococcus phage P-SSP6 SRP005782 SRA030005
SRR088761 University of Bergen SRX036625 sediment metagenome SRP004929 SRA027387
SRR088762 University of Bergen SRX036626 sediment metagenome SRP004929 SRA027387
SRR088763 University of Bergen SRX036627 sediment metagenome SRP004929 SRA027387
SRR088764 University of Bergen SRX036628 sediment metagenome SRP004929 SRA027387
SRR088765 University of Bergen SRX036629 sediment metagenome SRP004929 SRA027387
SRR088766 University of Bergen SRX036632 sediment metagenome SRP004929 SRA027387
SRR088767 University of Bergen SRX036633 sediment metagenome SRP004929 SRA027387
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