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Accession Title Organism(s) Type Description Submitter Submission(s) Related Reference(s)
ERP004874 Benchmarking Illumina-only and Illumina-PacBio Hybrid Assemblies with the Arabidopsis thaliana Reference Genome Arabidopsis thaliana Other Assembling short reads into high quality genome sequences remains a challenge. The choice of an optimal combination of assembler and sequencing dat... MPI-TUEBINGEN ERA285920
SRP033013 Hi-C of a synthetic microbial community mixed culture Other BioProject SRA111256
SRP001386 Global survey of escape from X inactivation by RNA-sequencing in mouse Mus spretus Other University of Washington SRA010053
SRP017116 Red Sea Metagenome   Metagenomics BioProject SRA061391
SRP003737 reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project Dermacoccus sp. Ellin185 Whole Genome Sequencing J. Craig Venter Institute SRA024472
SRP011859 Comparative genome analysis of enterotoxigenic E. coli strains isolates from infections of different clinical severity. Escherichia coli P0304816.8 Whole Genome Sequencing Institute for Genome Sciences University of MD School of Medicine SRA051195
SRP018498 Escherichia coli PA47 RefSeq Genome   Whole Genome Sequencing BioProject SRA066304
SRP031368 MRSA Surveillance II Staphylococcus aureus M0860 Whole Genome Sequencing BioProject SRA107038
SRP013724 GSE38676: Expression Analysis of Normal and Cancerous Prostate Cells Homo sapiens Transcriptome Analysis Gene Expression Omnibus SRA054097
SRP013753 Nannochloropsis oceanica Genome sequencing Nannochloropsis oceanica Whole Genome Sequencing BioProject SRA054197
SRP020654 Citrus sinensis BD1 RNA-seq Citrus sinensis Other BioProject SRA072858
SRP003686 Acinetobacter baumannii OIFC189 genome sequencing project Acinetobacter baumannii OIFC189 Whole Genome Sequencing J. Craig Venter Institute SRA024416
SRP034757 Cryptococcus Cryptococcus gattii RSA-MW-6610 Whole Genome Sequencing BioProject SRA122420
SRP025390 Flavobacterium subsaxonicum DSM 21790 project Flavobacterium subsaxonicum DSM 21790 Whole Genome Sequencing none provided Joint Genome Institute, U.S. Department of Energy SRA090310
SRP019444 Brucella melitensis UK19/04 Genome sequencing Brucella melitensis UK19/04 Whole Genome Sequencing BioProject SRA069151
SRP000911 Microarray-Based Multicycle-Enrichment of Genomic Subsets for Targeted Next-Generation-Sequencing Homo sapiens Whole Genome Sequencing febit biomed gmbh SRA009002
SRP019040 Foodborne Pathogen Survey Clostridium botulinum CFSAN002369 Whole Genome Sequencing BioProject SRA068475
SRP007316 Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project Parabacteroides merdae CL09T00C40 Whole Genome Sequencing Broad Institute SRA039084
SRP028167 Identifying the Genetic Explanation for Heritable Breast Cancer Homo sapiens Other dbGaP SRA095924
SRP005275 Gene networks controlling drought traits in Gossypium herbaceum L Gossypium herbaceum Transcriptome Analysis National Botanical Research Institute SRA029120
SRP012100 m6A mapping in mouse RNA (mouse liver and human brain) Homo sapiens, Mus musculus Other Gene Expression Omnibus SRA051474
ERP001721 Comparative_RNA_seq_analysis_of_three_bacterial_species Streptococcus pyogenes, Peptoclostridium difficile Transcriptome Analysis This data is part of a pre-publication release. For information on the proper use of pre-publ... The Sanger Center ERA152964
SRP028921 Treponema pedis isoM1220 Genome sequencing   Whole Genome Sequencing BioProject SRA098195
SRP013378 Whole transcriptome profiling of the rat pineal gland using mid-day and mid-night samples (Experiment 4) Rattus norvegicus Transcriptome Analysis The rat pineal transcriptome is highly dynamic, with many hundreds of transcripts changing more than two-fold on a 24-hr basis, as revealed earlier... NIH-NICHD-David Klein SRA053154
SRP028757 Transcriptional changes in cultured mus musculus hippocampal neurons following accute hypoxia Mus musculus Other BioProject SRA097805
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